Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Haul: A Bit of Everything

Hauls are always a little tricky to blog about because I feel like one runs the risk of looking like they're trying to sell off the items pictured. (Maybe a Youtube video would serve me better... *wink*) But here's a "collective haul" -- some things that I have newly acquired!

Necklace from H&M (similar here) | Strappy Bandeau Swim Top from Garage | Sunglasses by Guess by Marciano from Winners

Even though statement necklaces are everywhere, I've found it really difficult to find one that looks "right" or that I really liked. But upon seeing this one, I knew I "had to have it", as they say LOL. It's a little more my style with the edgy spikes and layered chains, although I do hesitate to call myself 'edgy' haha. I admit it's the same sort of vibe which drew me to the swim top -- I'm so happy about this purchase because look at the back! I think the straps are so interesting and maybe even a little sexy -- definitely the selling point. ;) It has removable halter strings too. As for the sunnies, I would say this is the only pair of "legit" sunglasses I own -- all the others I have are either "free swag" from volunteering, or from clearance sales haha.

Silk Crop Top from H&M (similar here) | Houndstooth Pants from Suzy Shier Outlet 

So much for my pact with myself not to buy any more grey -- my closet is literally saturated with the colour, er, shade. But this crop top, which I got on sale, was too hard to resist. And I really don't have anything like these houndstooth jeans. Recently though, I've been contemplating my wardrobe and have decided to invest some more in basics, rather than trend items. It also doesn't help that my wishlist is miles long (I exaggerate). Some things on that list: high-waisted jeans, a structured leather purse, and a denim jacket! ;)

Here comes the beauty items! In the past year (goodness has it only been that long) somehow I've found myself a new obsession hobby. Since I've started wearing makeup more often, even my grandma has said to me, "Oh, you went to Korea and learned all their beauty tricks, ehh?" LOL I can't even deny that it is, at least in part, the influence of Korean beauty culture. The other part, of course, is my hobby of watching beauty bloggers on Youtube. #sorrynotsorry

Most of my beauty and skincare comes from The Body Shop, as you can see. The only exception is the Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution (link here), which is one of those much-hyped items in the beauty world for being an amazing makeup remover. Next is the Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil (link here) from (where else?) The Body Shop! Again, a reportedly amazing product for cleansing and removing makeup, and also The Body Shop's take on the cleansing oil trend. Lastly, there is also the Passionfruit Body Butter (link here), which is limited edition from The Body Shop and smells amazing.

On to the makeup! The Body Shop has been having some pretty intense sales as of late -- definitely worth checking out. I'm a huge fan because I think they have great quality and aren't too outrageously expensive. I got this Extra Virgin Minerals Powder Foundation (link here) and the Love Gloss for Lips in Tropical Pink (sold out) for $5 each. Plus, the Lip Roll-On in Rose (link here) was only $2! All of them are products I don't use much -- never used a powder foundation before, and rarely wear lip gloss -- but I'm really enjoying them at the moment. As for the Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder (link here), I had been wanting it for ages, especially after seeing beauty blogger Essiebutton rave about it (I'm such a fan) and managed to catch it half price at $10! (:

I'm going to do reviews of these products (and others) in a later blog post, so look out for that! :)

So that is all for this summer haul~ I wouldn't be surprised if there happened to be another one before the summer is over! I don't know why but summer puts me in such a shopping mood. Please tell me I'm not the only one...

Anyway, have you tried any of these items from The Body Shop? Or what sort of things have you bought recently? (:

xo, jess[i.e.];
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Friday, July 4, 2014

Summer Trends: the Classic and the Current

This is kind of new on the blog--it's another rambly conversational post, but instead of being introspective, I've decided to talk about summer style!

Now that it's July, summer is fully upon us! Everyone seems happier in summer, and although those more scientifically-minded will tell you it's the increase in Vitamin D, I think it's more likely to do with the fact that people can wear cuter outfits without having to worry about spoiling the look by having to cover it up with a jacket. #clothesminded ... kidding~

Anyway, since we're speaking of clothes, I'd like to explore how one can be fashionable in the summer. In my point of view, fashion is an accumulation of trends during a certain period, and style is how the individual picks and interprets those trends and puts them together in a way that suits them.

I think trends can be divided into two different categories: classic and current, and I'll go on to describe three of each for this season, the summer of 2014! If you're interested in shopping some of these trends for yourself, I've included links in "Shop My Favourites" from around the web! :)


recurring, definitive, established


Summer Classics: FLORAL
Of course, it's only appropriate to sport floral prints in celebration of the season--the reappearance of the sun means not only a blooming of flowers on the ground, but also on apparel everywhere! (Basically a long-winded enlightened way of saying, clothes-wise, florals are unavoidable once the snow begins melting.) The versatility of floral patterns -- light or dark, for example, make them applicable to almost any style. You can wear a very 'fresh' look with a white chiffon floral top, for example, or be more 'edgy' with florals on a darker background.

Shop my Favourites: Topshop x Kate Moss Zipper Floral Sundress here, White Daisy Mesh Top here, Garage Bustier Swim Top here


Summer Classics: DENIM
Maybe this is a shout-out to the 90's, but denim anything, especially cutoff shorts and jackets, bring to mind the relaxed and laid-back vibe of summer. Plus, they're practical and effortlessly cool. *insert hair flip* Distressed denim is also very popular, if not for the rebel-ish look, then for the added ventilation in hot weather. ;) Personally, one of my favourite things about denim is its various potential interpretations -- it can be worn as an infallible basic, or show up as an unlikely fabric in unconventional cuts, like with the moto jacket pictured below.

Shop my Favourites: Forever 21 Distressed Cutoffs here, Topshop Denim Cropped Vest here, H&M Worn Denim Shorts here

A-line Silhouette

Summer Classics: A-LINE SILHOUETTE
This silhouette originates from the 50's, apparently, and one of the best things about this cut of skirt is that it's flattering on basically everyone. The style is also known as skater dress/skirt or circle skirt. The A-line silhouette is fun and flirty (geez, now I sound like a teen mag) and you can play around with different prints, colours, and materials. There are Aztec prints, for example, or gingham, which is reportedly coming into trend. Also, a LWD (little white dress) is a staple in everyone's closet for summer!

Shop my Favourites: Pink Gingham Dress here, Asos White Midi Skater Dress here, Forever 21 Layered Skater Skirt here


happening in the present, belonging to the 'now'

Overalls and Playsuits

Summer Currents: ONE-PIECES
I’m pretty curious to know: who was the one who decided to make everyone’s trip to the bathroom a little more difficult? ;) One-pieces are everywhere as of late, and for good reason, I guess, because they really speak to the easy-breezy feel of summer. It makes getting dressed in the morning because in some cases, it's one less article of clothing to be worried about. Overalls have really made a comeback, in particular, in short-all form. I find they're also easier to wear than full on long overalls. Likewise, with playsuits/jumpsuits/rompers/whatever. These ones are fun to wear too, and they can easily be dressed up or down.

Shop my Favourites: H&M Superstretch Bib Shorts here, Forever 21 Tribal Cami Romper here, Topshop Bandeau Skort Playsuit here

Crop tops

Summer Current: CROP TOPS
Crop tops are more than just half-a-shirt -- now they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Long-sleeved, sleeveless, strappy, loose, fitted, and the list goes on. One of my favourite things about the way the crop top is worn now is with high-waisted bottoms. It's perfect for those who are a little self-conscious about their middle (or, y'know, maybe your abs are just so perfect that you'd blind everyone who saw them. ;) It also tones down the normally daring crop top and makes it more acceptable. Especially since it's summer now, I think we're a little spoilt for choice for crop tops, which of course, is never a bad thing. ;)

Shop my Favourites: Garage Seashells Cropped Tank here, Zara Printed Cutout Crop Top here, Asos Bustier Top here

Statement Accessories

Summer Currents: ACCESSORIES
It's true that accessories make the outfit--the entire tone of your look can be changed depending on what shoes you wear, for example, or your jewelry. Lately, statement necklaces have been everywhere because they can dress up even a basic tee. Midi rings have also become a thing -- go dainty on the hands and then opulent on the neck, you see. ;) Sunglasses, always a summer staple, have turned out this season with half-frames.
As for shoes, chunky heels and ankle straps are pretty popular, as is the cut-out boot. If you want to stray from the typical flip-flops and Converse sneakers, but still want to be comfortable, skater shoes are your best bet.

Shop my Favourites: Zara Sea Green Chain here, Floral Stone Necklace in Green here, H&M 8-pack Rings here, Topshop Cutout Boots here, Asos Black Flat Sandals here

These are some of the trends I've noticed (or read about, LOL) for this summer season. Are there any more that you'd like to add? Which is your favourite, and do you prefer classic or current trends?

(All images created with Polyvore.)

xo, jess[i.e.];
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Friday, June 20, 2014

Face of the Day: Summer Amusement Park Makeup

[Update on 6/25: Thought it'd be useful to show you all what this look actually looks like! haha]

Hello! I'm about to stray into beauty blogger territory today, and it's kind of exciting! If you read my latest post, you'll know that I went to Canada's Wonderland, an amusement park, recently. So, to that effect, I've decided to create a post detailing my makeup of the day!

Besides wearing sunscreen (sun protection is very important for your skin!), the two things I have realized about wearing makeup to an amusement park are: a) keep it simple, and b) make sure it stays! I don't think it's in anyone's best interest if your face started melting off throughout the day, you know? ;)

Splitting the products between the generous categories of "Face" and "Everything Else" -- although to be honest, everything you see here goes on the face anyway. (Whoever divided cosmetics into "Face", "Eyes", etc., must not have considered that the eyes are indeed, on the face. Awks.)

Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Suncreen SPF45

I never used to bother with sunscreen in years past (although I did, simultaneously, put on the delicate Asian girl act, that is, the swoon-oh-I-don't-want-to-tan thing), but I suppose the realization of its importance has kicked in now. Maybe it's because I'm 20 (going on 21!) now -- would you say that's old or young? ;) It'd depend on how old you are, of course. Anyway, what I mean to say, is that sunscreen is really important for your skin if you don't want to get freckly or burned or whatever (or worse, super wrinkly in your old age).

I really like Aveeno's formula because it smells nice, isn't too sticky, and since I have dry skin, the whole "protect+hydrate" works out pretty well for me. I put this on all over my face (and ears, and neck, and wherever) after my moisturizer and waited about five minutes for it to set before I moved on to actual makeup.

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser

I've been wanting this for a while ever since I heard it was a dupe for Benefit's Porefessional Primer. I bought it for the Wonderland trip because I wanted my makeup to last all day (oh, also, it was on sale :D)

Basically, I just squeezed out a tiny bit and applied it all over my face. They weren't kidding when they said "a little goes a long way" with this product, because it makes your skin super slippery soft. It makes a very nice base for you to apply makeup onto.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in 02 Light

I, unfortunately, like most of the sleep-deprived millennial generation, have dark circles under my eyes. I might blame the Internet. Anyway, this concealer works pretty well, especially as it's not drying at all. I dot it on my dark circles, around my nose and mouth, on any spots, and blend/smudge it in with my fingers. I'm not overly particular with this step. I just want to even out my skin tone, especially because I don't wear foundation.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in 003 Natural

To ensure my concealer doesn't melt off my face or anything, I make it stay with a powder. Using a brush, I pat it onto wherever I've put concealer and then move the brush all over my face in circular buffing motions. It's supposedly to make everything even, but it mostly just feels nice. Also, it looks very pro, like I know what I'm doing even if I most likely don't.

I'm using this one because it makes everything matte, and of course, it's to counteract the shininess from the sunscreen. The only thing that this product could do better on is packaging. What kind of powder compact doesn't have a mirror?

Powder Brush

Exactly what it says it is. Also, see above.

The Face Shop Design My Eyebrow Pencil in 02 Dark Brown

They've opened The Face Shop in Square One! Now, if only Etude House would follow suit... This is one of those eyebrows pencils with an angled pencil at one end and a spoolie at the other. I bought my first one of these from Etude House when I was in Seoul and was super amazed, because I had never seen one like it before, and then soon after realized that they were basically everywhere, LOL.

I can't think of really how to describe how I fill in my brows except to say that they are never even (sometimes not even close) -- I've learned not to sweat it. Other than that, it just takes a lot of practice... when I first started filling in my brows, I got teased about having caterpillar eyebrows for months. -__-

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

Pretty evident, no? Makes my eye shadow (which mind you, is supposed to last 24 hours anyway) last all day without fading, etc.

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24HR Eye Shadow in 25 Bad to the Bronze

Eye shadow a little too much to wear to an amusement park? Yeah, I used to think so, until I became hooked on watching beauty vloggers on Youtube (it's kind of ridiculous). I actually have Essiebutton to thank/blame for this one.

It's a very nice shimmer -- apparently, bronzey shimmers scream summer! -- and besides being long lasting, it's also super easy to apply. I just sort of patted/smeared it all over my eyelid. The important part here is to have more colour on the outside of the eye, and blend it to make it more sheer towards the inner corners, and up towards the brow bone.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Stick in 02 Bulletproof Beige

More shimmer! I use this on my inner corners and under the eye on the lower lashline in order to brighten everything up. Don't go overboard, but don't be afraid of a little sparkle either. I used to see this with Asian makeup looks because they're really into the kira-kira banjjak-banjjak (sparkly) wide-eyed look -- and for that matter, I suppose so am I.

Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid liner is reported to be the most long-lasting out of all the other varieties. For me, it's also the simplest -- I don't use gel, and pencil, although it does look quite nice, can be troublesome to smudge out and all that. So liquid it is. I like it also because I can draw on any shape I want, although for an amusement park, I simply went with a tiny flick at the ends -- no crazy wings or whatever. After all, the last thing we'd want is to look ... high-maintenance. ;)

Eyelash Curler

Curl those lashes! I normally skip this step because I can't be bothered, really, but anything to prevent the mascara from running and smudging! Also, maybe it's just me, but I find my lashes stick up enough on their own not to warrant any additional curling. Sometimes if I use a curler, they stick literally straight up and then smudge all over my eye shadow. #thestruggleisreal

Maybelline Volum' Express The Rocket Waterproof Mascara

I've previously used Maybelline The Falsies Mascara and this one was a rather surprising departure from it -- it's much more natural looking. Not as fluttery as the Falsies, and not as much volume as I expected from a mascara that had it in the name, but still, I was satisfied because it didn't budge all day. Also, side note, not really a huge fan of the plastic applicator.

Revlon Lip Butter in 027 Juice Papaya

I also generally don't bother with lip products on a regular basis but usually at the end of all that makeup, it seems almost a waste not to. I like this colour -- it's not really as orange as it look -- it's like a slight coral tinge on top of my natural lip colour, and adds a bit of moisture and shine. I really recommend the lip butters from Revlon, plus, they have soooo many different shades.

Anyway, so that is it, for my game face/summer amusement park makeup! Sweat-proof, and waterproof, to the best of my ability -- all with (only?) thirteen items. All in a day's work. ;) I hope you've enjoyed my first beauty post (other than the odd haul here and there) -- it's always refreshing to try something new on the blog! Let me know what you think. ;)

Have a great weekend!

xo, jess[i.e.];
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Monday, June 16, 2014

summer project the first: depop & trend trunk

I always tend to exaggerate my emotions on this blog. You know how in Peter Pan, the author says about Tinker Bell, "Tink was not all bad: or, rather, she was all bad just now, but, on the other hand, sometimes she was all good. Fairies have to be one thing or the other, because being so small they unfortunately have room for only one feeling at a time." Not that I am a fairy or whatever (too bad) but anyway, if I continue in a vein of thought for a blog post, then of course the result will veer more towards one direction than the other.

Anyways, remember a couple weeks ago when I was whining about being stuck in a cycle of ennui? (More exaggeration for you.) Somehow, life has started to pick up and I'm feeling rather more optimistic at present. I think sometimes just having something to do makes all the difference. Anyway, between AIESEC and my internship at Fashion Takes Action, I have just enough free time to work on a few side projects of my own. Oh, also, I'm getting my license this summer. I think driving in itself creates enough stress to keep me occupied enough.

One of these aforementioned side projects is selling my clothes online! Of course these are all new or almost-new items, and I've listed them on two different sites...

Depop and Trend Trunk 

You can click on those above links to check out what I'm selling!

It's actually kind of fun, and diverting, to take photos and go through and list all these items. It also partly makes me want to keep the items for myself because I'm listing all these good qualities, haha. It's a pretty good way for me to clear out my closet though, and get rid of all the pieces I don't wear (and possibly make room for more! hehe) and send them on to a better home where they'll be better loved.

Beyond that, things have been more or less quiet around here. I had an amazing day Saturday at Canada's Wonderland (an amusement park, haha). Never knew I was such a wimp until I actually got to the park and was promptly mesmerized/terrified by the sheer magnitude of the Leviathan. (Okay, so it isn't that big -- ohwait, I just looked it up, and it's the tallent and fastest roller coaster in Canada. And it has a 80-degree drop from 93 feet tall. I can't actually believe I went on this thing!) Anyway, I ended up going on all the most intense roller coasters in the park because that's what happens when you go with boys-slash-people-who-are-in-general-just-more-brave-than-you, and there you have it. Jessie, de-wimp-ified.

I've been brainstorming new blog post ideas -- like reviews of the occasional book or movie, makeup/beauty posts, and so on. Blogging, of course, is my own ongoing project regardless of the season. :) So, I will talk to you in my next post!

xo, jess[i.e.];
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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

ramblings: this summer limbo thing

(source, source)
You know what I haven't done in a while? ... Write. And for someone who calls herself a writer, that just does not make sense. Actually, maybe this is why as of late, I've been shying away from the label. What is a writer who does not write, after all? I've been contemplating a lot about self-awareness and knowing who/what one is, and one's own boundaries, and who/what they are not, etc. etc... but that's a topic I'll touch on another time.

For a while, I've been toying with the idea of writing articles to publish on sites such as, or whatever. The purpose thereof would be to become "published", and then I could put them on my resume or my Linkedin, or what have you. It seems almost (what's the word...) commercial, or cavalier, to have such a purpose for my writing.

What's more, before this, I haven't written a single word toward any of those "published" articles. It's all just been in my head, and of course, I'd like to give you all the romantic answer and say it's 'writer's block' or something ridiculous, but to be honest, it's just a complete lack of motivation. Anyway, I was in the shower earlier (LOL) and thinking that I've also been intimidated from having to write "published" articles -- of course they'd have to be perfect and all that. But I also have another avenue, this blog -- my blog -- where it's perfectly fine for me to write whatever I want, and I can sort of scramble my ideas around before I present them to the world in perfect "published" form on another platform.

I've also been thinking, that blogging isn't what it used to be -- for me, anyways. I had a blog around middle school, mostly because it was kind of cool to have one, and everyone was really into seeming/being "deep" back then. And I would just type out long rants, mostly about whatever homework I was currently suffering from (LOL), but beyond that, it was really just an avenue for me to express myself in whatever I wanted, and I guess words were the best way to do that. (Also, I suppose I didn't know very well who I was beyond being a student, really.)

But lately, blogging has been kind of... again, commercial, for me. I've been very(? sort of?) concerned with keeping/getting followers, and following a sort of standard for blogs that I see out there -- that is to say, pretty photographs, and oh, I don't know, stylish layout or whatever. I didn't want to seem amateur by bombarding my readers with walls upon walls of text, because it's not "cool" -- people are very image-driven these days, and the first look of a post like this will create bounce rates like no tomorrow. (I think that's what it's called when people click onto your site and then click out almost immediately...)

But it's kind of refreshing, to just be able to type out like this. It feels like I'm talking to someone. And I hope there is someone listening, perhaps. If you've read this far, props to you, and let's be friends! ;) And if we are friends already, then good~ haha. I don't know, sometimes it's easier to just write to an anonymous audience than to a specific person because a) I can potentially talk to a whole bunch of people at once (without actually talking, that's very important), and b) now that you know all about me, you can tell me all about you! yay!

Anyway, this has all been a rather long introduction (of a sort) so don't give up on me just yet! What I really wanted to talk about was that...

I've become rather preoccupied with what I call "summer limbo" lately. And I know I've been going on about it to a fair number of people, and I apologize for being a whiner. It's just really hard to think of what to reply when you ask me, "so what are your summer plans?" and my answer is, "sleeping, eating, internet... rinse and repeat." SO DEPRESSING. Okay, so maybe that's not entirely accurate, but suffice it to say, I'm quite unsatisfied with the way I'm spending my time/summer, so in typical writer fashion (aha!) I'm putting it into words, and in typical blogger fashion, I'm sharing it with the Internet (oh dear.)

I call it "summer limbo" because really it's like I'm in a state of constant inactivity, and what's worse, I feel stuck. Maybe I'm just having one of those "what-the-hell-am-I-doing-with-my-life" moments. I recently came back from a very engaging weekend, where I met a lot of people and actually did worthwhile things with my time -- I felt, at least -- by being in a group of people who shared the same sort of motivations and etc etc. (This is basically my long and rambly way of saying I had an amazing weekend filled with AIESEC stuff, but I'll go into AIESEC later...) My point is, after having such a weekend, I'm kind of dreading having to go back to the state of ennui that I occupied before. Sigh.

Anywaaays, that's what's been on my mind lately. Perhaps I just need something to occupy my time (I can just hear my mom go, "get a job!"...) -- actually that is probably it. And I've also since realized that I need something meaningful to occupy my time with -- work (job or otherwise) that I'm invested in, and furthermore, want to invest myself in. I've been creating little projects for myself -- of course, they're all still in the works, because as I said, I lack motivation, but still -- things like blogging, selling my old things online, and perhaps going for swims at the community pool or something. Geeez, I sound old. (The swimming thing is because that's the only form of exercise that I actually enjoy, okaaay? Also, because you don't get all sweaty at the end of it by default because you're underwater.)

Now that I've rambled on and on and sufficiently lost my reader and my point... (TLDR, but not really haha.) I guess what I really wanted to say was that I'd like to go back to writing again, and I think that is one of things I will do with my summer.

If you really have read this whole wordy post, then hit me up and let's talk or something! I'm also pretty sure that this whole "summer limbo" thing means at least in part that I don't get nearly enough human interaction, haha.

Until next time... 

xo, jess[i.e.];
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

one month's playlist

First of all, I (sort of) apologize for being extra zealous on Afterlight with the above photo. Time has not quite yet taught me discretion in using a filter, apparently. And copious amounts of discolouration look far less offensive on a phone screen than they do on a computer's... oops.

Anyway, yet again, it's been ages since I last blogged. Life is currently in a weird limbo of summer and not-summer. Either it's because I haven't yet been reconciled to all the free time I have, or my productivity has been negated as a result thereof.

In the time that has lapsed between this and the last post, I've been to Las Vegas and back--on a family trip, mind you, so the trip was really quite different than the typical mental images that the place generally conjures. Really, I went to go see more red rocks than anything; we went from Nevada to Utah to Arizona and back, visiting a great number of canyons, including the Grand Canyon, of course, getting very sore from car rides in the process. Nevertheless, it was fun, and it's always nice to step away from the normal busyness of life to spend time with the family. :)

Back to this playlist! It's a huge(?) mish-mash of what I've been listening to recently--its reaches stretch from K-pop to EDM to chart music. I'm not a huge fan of indie (I think that's a blogger stereotype, ha), but I don't know, I'd like to think my music taste is sufficiently varied and ... tasteful, LOL. You can listen to it in its entirety here


xo, jess[i.e.];
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

ramblings: blogger's block & catching up

Hello, is there anybody out there?

It's been so long since I last blogged--literally over a month--that I barely remember how to blog anymore. But anyway, I shall try my best! This will probably be one of those long wordy blog posts--a surefire way of scaring away new readers, apparently, because there are few things more intimidating than a wall of text. ;)

I keep on starting new post drafts, leaving them, picking them up again, and then dropping them once more. There hasn't been much going on in the way of life lately, unless you count school, which was a staggering amount of books to read and essays to write. But it's all over, and I'm currently enjoying my first summer break in almost three years! I decided not to take summer courses this time around, because I don't hate myself. (Kidding. Sort of.)

Also, I say summer, when spring has finally made up its mind to stay! A good thing too, because I haven't experienced as depressing a winter term as this past January til April--everything seemed just to be varying stages of grey with sparse splashes of colours in between, haha. Anyway, I'm all finished with school for now and this summer looks very promising! I got an internship, am going on vacation very soon, and in general, am just looking forward to blissful weeks of having lots of time to be as productive or do nothing as I please. :) More of the former, hopefully, haha.

Anyway, with that long rambly intro out of the way, I thought I'd pull some photos off of instagram and let you all know what I've been up to lately--a mix of things that stood out from the last couple of months, if you will. :)

In the last couple of months, Bo has shown me his full prowess of cooking--that is, it's amazing. I remember making a list of "requirements for future partner" when I was about... maybe fifteen years old (let me assure you, I was an immature fifteen-year-old hahaha)... and the ability to cook was definitely somewhere in the top 10. <3 From left to right: his recreation of cup chicken, lasagna, and salmon/mashed potatoes. Yummm~

Essays, midterms, and assignments all boil down to one thing -- caffeine! From left to right: (1) the day I wore lipstick and ordered a latte from my school cafe, (2) a cup of tea in my Where the Wild Things Are mug after a particularly memorable all-nighter, and (3) a Starbucks study date with Holly right on the brink of exam period. :)

I've been trying to take #ootd shots more faithfully... haha. You can see here that I'm a little too fond of monochrome shades. Lately, I've banned myself from buying anything grey while shopping! It's warmer weather now, so I have to push myself towards the direction of brighter colours, hehehe. :)

End of term selfies! On the left: after I had just handed in my final essay--goodbye, third year of university! :) On the right: the day I moved out of my place in 'Loo. :)

Homecoming goodies! Celebrated with lemon tea and char siu (BBQ pork) buns--my favourite food leftover from childhood. <3 Also, enjoying Somersby in a classy manner with the sister. ;)

What I've been up to since I've been home... shopping! The fitting room shots were from my trip to Square One earlier this week--my Zara and Topshop favourites. Unfortunately, I didn't end up getting any of these because I can't justify spending that amount on clothes until I get a decent job ahha! Secondly, I got a haircut... and I don't really love it haha. Mildly devastated and definitely missing my long hair so...

Gotta say, I was definitely on top of my selfie game in the last couple of months, haha. I miss my long hair! My current bangs and layered cut aren't totally horrible but ugh, I just want it to grow back now haha. Sigh, it'll take some getting used to.

Ending the photo rampage with a couple shot hehe. <3 <3 <3

Anyway, now that that's all finished with, I might as well just continue on with what I've been up to since I've been home! The most exciting part is...

(from Tumblr)
That's right! Rejoice, everyone, I have finally found myself addicted to a TV show that is not a Korean drama hahaha! Downton Abbey is amazing, I really recommend it. It was a little intimidating to start, mostly because there are so many different characters, but it's so incredibly interesting because it's equal parts historical and drama. I don't want to give too much away, but if you haven't watched it--go for it~~~ I'm in the middle of the third season now and I started last week. (o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d~) Also, Maggie Smith pretty much makes the show, she's hilarious and I love her.

(from Tumblr)
Can never get enough of Maggie Smith/Lady Grantham GIFs. I can't help thinking how sad it is that the most "exciting" part of my being home is getting to watch Downton Abbey... BUT.

(from Tumblr)
Puahahahahahahahha, there's a GIF for every situation. ;)

Secondly, I've also been caught up in a whirlwind of unpacking (after moving back in from 'Loo) and cleaning/purging (throwing out old or unneeded junk). Is it only me who enjoys sorting through and organizing things so much? hahaha.

That's all from me for now~ Hope everyone has a good rest-of-the-week!

xo, jess[i.e.];
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Monday, March 10, 2014

i.e.; princess pipe dreams

A little back of a throwback post today~ from three months ago when I was still in Seoul, Korea for my study abroad term. This was in early December, about two weeks from my departure, when I realized I had yet to try on hanbok (한복 = traditional Korean dress). I went with Kim, Sonja, and Janina, who you may recognize from my Bukhansan hiking posts here and here.

There is a very popular dress cafe near Ewha called Princess Diary -- Google yields tons of blogposts about it, and Eatyourkimchi shot a video there once too. It's rather popular for foreigners to try on hanbok, but a lot of locals frequent it too -- usually girls dragging their boyfriends to take pictures in wedding dresses, haha. Couple culture in Korea is huge.

Anyway, here's the address if you ever happen to find yourself in Seoul and have a hankering to dress up...
Princess Diary 
3F Ewha Building 54-9 Daehyun-dong Seodaemun-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 서대문구 대현동 54-9 이화빌딩 3층

To go over the the way the cafe works briefly:

  • You order a drink (from about 6000-10 000 won, or $6-8). 
  • While enjoying your drink, you are given cutouts of dresses to choose your outfits from. The pieces start from 10 000 won and go to 50 000 won -- skirts and tops are priced differently also. 
  • You give your selections to the staff, who bring out the real garments and also put you in the dress itself.
  • You have an hour to wander about the cafe and take photos! 

Here are our hanbok choices -- from top to bottom, right to left: Kim, Janina, Sonja, me. Although later I changed my skirt to a more vibrant blue, because seeing this colour combination in real life just looked very peasant girl to me haha.

Janina and Kim were brought in room to be dressed first; I would say 'dressing room', but literally it was like a back closet with a curtain for a door LOL. Anyway, Sonja and I took the opportunity for a selfie. :)

The general atmosphere of the cafe is rather pretty and quaint. It does the 'cute' very well without shoving it down your throat, which I appreciate LOL.

And at last we were all dressed in hanbok... Prepare yourselves for the onslaught of photos!


Awkward family portrait hahahaha! I kinda wish I chose the traditional headband over the flower, whoops.

Note: the lighting in this cafe is terrible for photos, makes editing such a struggle. :(

Never ever miss an opportunity to camwhore. ;)

Tired of being pretty LOL.




You get a second photo because I miss you and I hope you're doing alright in Seoul all by yourself (i.e., without me ㅠㅠ)


Ahh, I can't believe Seoul was so long ago! And now winter's just about over (fingers crossed) and this term is about a month away from ending...

Also, I just realized that I missed the second year anniversary of i.e.; jessie! (It's March 6th.) Whoops, haha -- happy blog-versary to me!


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