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  • 2015 IN REVIEW


    JANUARY // Spent NY at Canada’s National Congress. Wrote an article for AI’s blog that got many, many hits. FEBRUARY //  Acted as facilitator for the first time at the SouthON conference with Daphne. MARCH //  House party with the roommates & Many good times with Holly and Win. APR //  Applied for MCVP in […]

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  • Live by BEING (Product Review)


    This is a sponsored post. About a month ago, I was kindly contacted by Cynthia, the maker of BEING, a handcrafted organic and vegan bath/body shop, about trying some of their products. (You can check out their website here.) I’ve never really had the opportunity to get into organic beauty, but it’s always sounded pretty […]

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  • LATELY 001


    You’d think for someone who’s spent the past four years immersed in books and essays, writing a blog post like this would be super easy… but, alas. Apparently I’ve been missed, however, in my last four months of unintended hiatus, so here I am, back again on the blog, after having finished the final term […]