January ,10 2016

JANUARY // Spent NY at Canada’s National Congress. Wrote an article for AI’s blog that got many, many hits. FEBRUARY //  Acted as facilitator for the first time at the SouthON conference with Daphne. MARCH…

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November ,9 2015
PLAYLIST // November the Ninth

Striking a balance between melancholy and wistfulness with this playlist, which basically sums up the emotional spectrum of autumn for me. It’s finally the penultimate month of the year. Typing this up on a Monday…

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Jessie, Agra Fort
October ,4 2015
In India, of all places

Super squinty, haha. I’m sure there’s a good excuse reason as to why my blog posts occur a good month after whatever it is I’m writing about has happened, but since I’m currently typing this…

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July ,3 2015

It’s taken me over a month to write this blog post, when really, all I just wanted to say were four simple words. I’m in Hong Kong. Simple, not quite poignant. Just words. Maybe it…

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May ,15 2015
Live by BEING (Product Review)

This is a sponsored post. About a month ago, I was kindly contacted by Cynthia, the maker of BEING, a handcrafted organic and vegan bath/body shop, about trying some of their products. (You can check…

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