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This is a sponsored post.

About a month ago, I was kindly contacted by Cynthia, the maker of BEING, a handcrafted organic and vegan bath/body shop, about trying some of their products. (You can check out their website here.) I've never really had the opportunity to get into organic beauty, but it's always sounded pretty interesting--y'know, the benefits of nature transformed into benefits for your skin and all that--so I jumped at the chance.

I got to try the Hold On Floral Tonic, which is like a facial spray/toner, and the Sprig Lip Service, a lip balm in a peppermint and basil flavour.

First Impressions Of the Brand First of all, I'm a sucker for good branding, attractive photography, and avid storytelling through the written word. BEING manages to include all these elements in a visually appealing website while presenting the products in a way that is meaningful, intentional, and that stresses the healing and beautifying virtues of nature.

On the Products The Floral Tonic (the Hold On version is made for dryer skin, and there is also one called Let Go for oilier skin types) uses rose water, calendula extract, aloe vera, vegetable glycerin, and essential oils of rose geranium and neroli to "refresh and replenish" the skin. I quite enjoy the fact that there are only about five ingredients in this--and that I can recognize all of them--instead of having to list off like twenty different chemicals or other.

The spray feels super refreshing on the skin--currently loving it, and really liking the way it gives quite a dispersed, even spray. After cleansing my face, I usually use about four pumps all over and then pat it in before moving onto serum and moisturizer. I like to think it contributes to making more skin more soft and supple (that word makes me shudder a little bit, LOL), and it also smells quite nice as well. All in all, kind of a luxurious-feeling product, and really enjoying using it.

The Sprig Lip Service (love the name of this too, haha) is also quite nice, especially since I like my lip balms to be at least a little minty. This is quite moisturizing on the lips, although a little messy to apply because it comes in tin form. I enjoy the packaging, but conversely have always found tin lip balms to be a bit impractical because it's not as hygienic as I have to use my finger to rub in the tin to get the balm and then apply.

Concluding Remarks BEING gets 4/5 stars from me and two thumbs up. :) The only pity is that I don't take baths very often (I'm more of a shower person, haha), but overall I really enjoy the brand philosophy and my glimpse into the products so far. Shoutout to Cynthia for being so lovely to work with!

Until next time~

xo, jess[i.e.]

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