Why Do You Blog?

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(Maybe I should've titled this "Why Do I Blog?"... but meh, pronouns amirite.)

I know I've been away for ages, and I sort of did mention on my twitter that I was taking a blog hiatus-ish. It's just that it's nearly finals season, which means study grinding, all day errday! Not that you need to hear me whine about school... It's probably the most redundant thing to read from bloggers, because a) if you're a student, then you've got your own school work to worry about, and b) if you're finished school, then you're really finished with school, if you know what I mean!

Anyway, tangent aside, I decided to sit down and try to puke up a blog post (y'know, like word vomit? probably could've found a more appealing metaphor...) today as a reflection of my writing, or my life, or whatever.

My life as of late has been a clutter of normal highs and bewildering lows. Add school stressin' to that list, and cue "damn, what the hell am I doing with my life" mental crisis. So... I apologize if I'm not too coherent in this post. Like I said, word vomit. ;)

I've always viewed myself as a sort of writer. What I didn't know for sure, exactly, was how good I was. Of course, I've always put on my resume "excellent written communication skills" and that sort of thing, but it doesn't exactly count because I'm saying that about myself.

I've also always been aware that, career-wise, I wanted to go into something to do with my "talent" of writing. But as someone studying for a BA degree, and what's more, as an English major, I've been the butt of many jokes about how I'm to be a poor starving artist (re: UNEMPLOYED) upon graduation. Some of them were made by myself, because what is life if you can't laugh at yourself, or y'know, pretend to make a situation funny in order to distract from its horribly true and grim reality?

Okay, so I'm probably being pessimistic. And I didn't mean for this post turn into a long ramble about the struggles of figuring out life beyond graduation, but as you can see, it's been weighing quite heavily on my mind lately, haha.

So. Why do I blog?

I don't know if this is going to seem like a super belated conclusion, and I'm not fishing for compliments or anything, either... but to be honest, it always surprises/flatters me when people tell me "I write so well". Like people actually like my writing!/? It almost makes me feel validated as a writer, or even as a person, because I feel like maybe there is something about this whole writing career plan, after all. (Now I sort of feel like I just revealed part of my inner psyche to the world... #vulnerable)

Well, of course, the purpose of my blogging is not to get compliments from people. I blog simply because I like writing, and I guess it's almost part of human nature to want to put yourself out there, if only online. I'm rather introverted, and writing comes more easily to me than speaking by far.

Oh geez, maybe I should learn to make my rambles shorter, haha. (It can't be helped though, sometimes I just have a lot to say! And I've been rather silent on the blog lately, anyway.)

I also blog, because I want to record my life, and my thoughts. It's like keeping an online diary. What's more, I get to explore my interests through this blog. Writing is so versatile, and I love that I can use it as an avenue to talk/learn about things like fashion, or music, or whatever. (Plus, it makes for an easy answer when people ask the dreaded question about hobbies...)

Maybe I should've more aptly titled this post "Why Do You Write?", hahaha. But y'all catch my drift. More or less. And now I'm just not really making sense anymore, so I'll go back to studying now.

TLDR; I blog, because I like writing. :)

Happy Sunday, everyone!

xo, jess[i.e.]

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