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I don't know about you, but I have a pretty long extensive of things I plan to buy in the future, when I get a real job/win the lottery/marry a billionaire (jk!), etc. Things that fall along the category of definite 'want' rather than 'need'. A designer bag is one of those things -- at the moment, only a fantasy, because who doesn't dream of the high life from time to time?

Here are some of the bags -- and brands -- that have caught my eye...

  1. Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C.
  2. Alexander Wang Kirsten Multi-strap Bag
  3. Proenza Schouler 'Small Lunch Bag' Logo Print Clutch
  4. Balmain Messenger Bag
  5. Saint Laurent Classic Baby Sac De Jour Bag in Blue Leather
  6. Alexander Wang Prisma Skeletal Backpack
  7. BalenciagaClassic City Bag
  8. Saint Laurent'Cassandre' Velour Shoulder Bag Noir
  9. Mulberry Willow Tote in Black Shrunken Calf & Evergreen Suede
  10. MCM Stark Studded Sides Backpack in Beige

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The Rebecca Minkoff bag is easily the most affordable on this list (only? about $200). I love how stylish yet convenient it is -- definitely an everyday sort of bag.

from Pinterest

This bag has been on my wishlist for years (it's discontinued now though, too bad) since I first started getting into fashion. I loved all the straps, it definitely fit my style from a couple of years ago. I really admire Alexander Wang's chic aesthetic, and am beyond excited for his collaboration with H&M this fall!

from Tumblr

The Balenciaga City bag in grey--I wouldn't mind getting it in this colour either. I've seen it on bloggers, celebrities, and models alike, and it's definitely a classic, or at the least, a cult favourite.

from Pinterest

I'm not sure why whenever I think of luxury bags, I automatically veer towards totes instead of shoulder bags, which are by far the more convenient way to hold a bag. But the YSL totes are just lovely.

L from Tumblr; R from Tumblr

Lastly, the iconic MCM backpack. I'll be honest and admit that I first wanted one when I spotted the members of popular K-pop group EXO wearing them out and about. Ordinarily they're much too branded for my taste, but for some reason, the boys make them look good. I'll also confess, while I was in Hong Kong, I bought one -- just kidding, I bought a replica. ;) If it's just the image I want, why spend a fortune on it, hmm? hahaha

I've definitely got a soft spot for Alexander Wang and YSL. Balmain, Givenchy, and Celine also deserve special mention (although the latter two don't make the list of bags). Designer bags might not necessarily be realistic for me at the moment, but they do make for nice dreaming don't they? And they're so nice to look at...

What sort of luxury bags are on your wishlist?

xo, jess[i.e.];

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