5 Wonderfully Strange K-Beauty Picks from Memebox Hong Kong

Beauty addicts will know Memebox (pronounced “me-me-box”) as one of the most recognisable names in Korean beauty e-tail, due in no small part to their collaboration with Korean beauty guru PONY Makeup, who is also behind one of their best-selling brands Pony Effect. Memebox currently retails four of their own brands: skincare lines nooni and bonvivant, as well as Pony Effect and […]

5 Spring Beauty Trends To Freshen Up Your Look

Gone are the days of “no-makeup” makeup, along with any sort of “I woke up like this” forgery. Spring beauty this year is all about embracing the fact that you arewearing makeup, and having fun with it. As the temperatures rise, read on for the top five beauty trends this Spring 2017 to give a go. […]

These Korean Skincare Products Are All The Rage

The novelty of Korean beauty and skincare has been kicking around for years, and yet they still manage us to surprise us with their ingenuity or cuteness (or both). From the scientifically developed formulas to the adorable packaging, here are the latest “cool” ways to get that perfect complexion—all before you’ve even applied your makeup. […]

5 Beauty Antidotes for Pale Winter Skin

It’s easy to feel dull and grey in winter, but you certainly don’t want to look it. Give your beauty routine—and your mood—a lift with these glow-boosting products to make sure you’re still looking fresh and radiant even in the dead of winter. READ THE FULL STORY Check out more beauty stories here. (This story originally appeared on HongKongTatler.com) […]

15 Lip Picks to Achieve the Perfect Matte Nude

There are some trends that take the world by storm, and then there are some trends that are here to stay — the nude lip happens to be both of those things. The makeup phenomenon — as popularised by Kylie Jenner and many Instagram influencers of her ilk— was ubiquitous last year,  and hasn’t shown […]

9 Limited Edition Must-Haves for Lunar New Year

Christmas may have come and gone, but the festive season hasn’t ended quiet yet, what with the advent of the Lunar New Year. This is the year of the Fire Rooster, and the zodiac animal has already made an appearance on many special edition items. Red, traditionally thought to ward off bad luck, is the token colour […]