Atelier Cologne’s Sylvie Ganter Talks Life and Love

Sylvie Ganter, the driving creative force behind the brand (Photo courtesy of Atelier Cologne)

Sylvie Ganter often likens the story of how she and her husband Christophe Cervasel co-founded cologne brand Atelier Cologne together to that of a love story. When they first met in 2006 in New York, both were creating perfumes—he for designers and she for a cosmetic brand.

“Christophe and I have only worn ‘cologne’ type of scents our entire life,” she says, but she felt something was missing. “I found myself in permanent search of a cologne that would have different personalities and that would last on the skin.”

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Live by BEING (Product Review)


This is a sponsored post.

About a month ago, I was kindly contacted by Cynthia, the maker of BEING, a handcrafted organic and vegan bath/body shop, about trying some of their products. (You can check out their website here.) I’ve never really had the opportunity to get into organic beauty, but it’s always sounded pretty interesting–y’know, the benefits of nature transformed into benefits for your skin and all that–so I jumped at the chance.

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