Hello, world!


It’s me.

I’m Jessie, a 20-something writer — aspiring creative, fashion fiend, media addict, and would-be social entrepreneur. Born and raised in Canada, I’m now currently working in Hong Kong in marketing. I am also (apparently, remarkably) tall (174cm), can never say no to either ice cream or a good Tolkien quote, and have the obscure superpower of always waking up before I miss my stop on the bus or train. (It’s never failed me yet.)

I created “i.e. Jessie” and started blogging in March of 2012; it was and continues to be a space for me to document my own story with words and pictures in equal measure. It’s mostly a platform for self-expression (be it creative or emotional or otherwise) — which can take any form, ranging from wordy musings, photo journals, music playlists, and what have you.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to say hi! You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all that. Cheers.


PS. Fun Fact: Why “i.e.”?

The “i.e.” in the name has two meanings–its actual and the one I made up. I first started this blog with the name “inspired & experimental” with the intention that these two become my objectives to explore. Later on, I dropped it (it was too wordy) and kept just ‘i.e.’, which also happen to be the last two letters of my name, which created an sort of lexical symmetry. The real meaning of “i.e.” is a Latin abbreviation id est, which translates to “that is”, or “in essence” and is used to elaborate on a topic. I later took this on to mean this blog could be an elaboration of my identity or somehow encapsulate some part of my ‘essence’. Deep, I know.