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It really isn’t often that I get the opportunity to venture out of my cave, er, flat, to explore a more novel side of Hong Kong. There are a plethora of good cafes in this city that I’ve never been to, for one. So when Andrew invited me to get lunch and go shooting, I was down. Granted, I didn’t end up doing much shooting, but luckily, Andrew did, so that makes one of us. 😉 He was gracious enough to take a few of me and let me share, so here we are. (You can check him out HERE and give him a sneaky little insta follow HERE.)

We started our adventure in this cafe in Wong Chuk Hang (around the Aberdeen area) called 3/3rds. The place is located on the top floor of an industrial building, which was unassuming and mildly sketchy upon first impression, and even has the huge industrial elevators with manual gates to prove it. But the cafe itself was promising, with a pleasing shabby chic aesthetic and delicious smells wafting from the open kitchen. I went for the cheese toastie for the sake of grilled cheese nostalgia (hello, memories of 2am Cheeses Murphys from my uni days–people from Waterloo will know 😉) and it was delicious — check that cheesy goodness out here. None of the photos I took did it justice, aha.


We initially planned on exploring more of the Aberdeen area but due to the blazing heat of the sun and some comical minibus mishaps, somehow or other, we ended up back in familiar territory–Causeway Bay. This is one of my favourite areas of Hong Kong because there’s so much to explore; it’s got you covered for both excellence in food and shopping options; and to me, it’s a really good example of how Hong Kong blends the old and the new together.

These couple of shots were taken at Victoria Park which provides a nice bit of urban nature right before the city meets the ocean.


Smiling at nothing.


If you go to the edge of the park, there’s this footbridge that spans over a highway, and on the other side is basically a sidewalk next to the ocean–it’s not sophiscated enough to be called a harbour, I don’t think. There’s a lot of construction going on there at the moment and upon walking far enough, we stumbled along some sort of yacht club. This was me going down the stairs of said footbridge, trying not to fall down and break my neck, because I tend to be prone to that kind of thing.


Two of me.

It seems “Do not climb” signs have no effect except the opposite effect. This slanted roof thing makes a pretty good seat, only I would not recommend it if you happen to be wearing very silky pants and shoes with no tread. I ended up sliding down and Andrew was nice enough to try to help only after he took this shot, lol. In the end I survived, aha. By the way, like my Hello Kitty socks? 😉

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Thanks again to Andrew for the nice shots, it’s not often I get to feature this kind of stuff on my blog. Hopefully this will be a reminder for me to take my camera out more often.

Until next time.

xo, jess[i.e.]

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