Monday, March 10, 2014

i.e.; princess pipe dreams

A little back of a throwback post today~ from three months ago when I was still in Seoul, Korea for my study abroad term. This was in early December, about two weeks from my departure, when I realized I had yet to try on hanbok (한복 = traditional Korean dress). I went with Kim, Sonja, and Janina, who you may recognize from my Bukhansan hiking posts here and here.

There is a very popular dress cafe near Ewha called Princess Diary -- Google yields tons of blogposts about it, and Eatyourkimchi shot a video there once too. It's rather popular for foreigners to try on hanbok, but a lot of locals frequent it too -- usually girls dragging their boyfriends to take pictures in wedding dresses, haha. Couple culture in Korea is huge.

Anyway, here's the address if you ever happen to find yourself in Seoul and have a hankering to dress up...
Princess Diary 
3F Ewha Building 54-9 Daehyun-dong Seodaemun-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 서대문구 대현동 54-9 이화빌딩 3층

To go over the the way the cafe works briefly:

  • You order a drink (from about 6000-10 000 won, or $6-8). 
  • While enjoying your drink, you are given cutouts of dresses to choose your outfits from. The pieces start from 10 000 won and go to 50 000 won -- skirts and tops are priced differently also. 
  • You give your selections to the staff, who bring out the real garments and also put you in the dress itself.
  • You have an hour to wander about the cafe and take photos! 

Here are our hanbok choices -- from top to bottom, right to left: Kim, Janina, Sonja, me. Although later I changed my skirt to a more vibrant blue, because seeing this colour combination in real life just looked very peasant girl to me haha.

Janina and Kim were brought in room to be dressed first; I would say 'dressing room', but literally it was like a back closet with a curtain for a door LOL. Anyway, Sonja and I took the opportunity for a selfie. :)

The general atmosphere of the cafe is rather pretty and quaint. It does the 'cute' very well without shoving it down your throat, which I appreciate LOL.

And at last we were all dressed in hanbok... Prepare yourselves for the onslaught of photos!


Awkward family portrait hahahaha! I kinda wish I chose the traditional headband over the flower, whoops.

Note: the lighting in this cafe is terrible for photos, makes editing such a struggle. :(

Never ever miss an opportunity to camwhore. ;)

Tired of being pretty LOL.




You get a second photo because I miss you and I hope you're doing alright in Seoul all by yourself (i.e., without me ㅠㅠ)


Ahh, I can't believe Seoul was so long ago! And now winter's just about over (fingers crossed) and this term is about a month away from ending...

Also, I just realized that I missed the second year anniversary of i.e.; jessie! (It's March 6th.) Whoops, haha -- happy blog-versary to me!


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  1. Great place and costume :D


  2. These hanboks have beautiful combination of colours.

  3. wow i always want to go thereee><
    and wearing hanbok lol :D

    Visit my blog please<33 Adventure of P-chan!

  4. You all look pretty amazing. What a wonderful experience.

  5. amazing pictures and beautiful dresses!
    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,


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