Tuesday, February 18, 2014

i.e.; valentine's day

Happy (belated) Valentine's Day, everyone~ I know everyone has their own opinions on V-day. Either you hate it because you're bitter (in which case, I apologize), or you are one of those pretentious people who are like "I don't need a holiday to show I love my SO, when I can do that every day!" To which I reply, well, if you love them so much, you should be grateful for such a holiday to demonstrate because, let's face it, you're probably not going to show up at their door and surprise them with a bouquet of roses every single day! ... which is what Bo did for me on V-day, hehehe. (:

This was my first Valentine's with a valentine, so to speak. Well, unless you count all those previous years when my girlfriends and I would just call dibs on being each other's valentines haha. Valentine's is just a really good excuse to allow people to be cheesy and say how they feel about each other. Anyway, now that I'm on the other side of the fence, I've had more cause to celebrate the 'traditional' Valentine's day, so I thought I do a post about it! I'm also going to combine it with a sort of outfit post (although it was really too cold to take my coat off outside). This may be a rather cheesy post, so you have been warned! ;)

In the spirit of Valentine's, I wore something red! I actually bought this scarf the day of, when I went to the mall with one of my roommates, Grace, earlier. I was looking for something red to wear with a black skirt, but I came out with this scarf instead. I love it though, it's more versatile than a top and it's much warmer too! And I don't own anything in this colour, so props to me for expanding my wardrobe, haha. I wore it with a black-and-white print dress and a black leather envelope clutch, and dressed the whole look down a little more with knee socks.

I should've worn red lipstick while I was at it, oops. But I was in a total rush to get out the door in time; even my roommate Catherine laughed at me for being late to Valentine's day, LOL.

Bo took me to Atmosphere Cafe in downtown Guelph. I think this was actually our third 'fancy' dinner date -- certainly the first one I've actually dressed up for. Usually Bo and I either cook dinner at home or eat fast food on campus while studying, so this was rather more special hehe. It was a very happy night, not least because my tummy was happy! (:

Here are some food shots courtesy of my iPhone...

smoked salmon crisps 

hot apple cider with raspberry 
You can get this one spiked too, if you want! ;) This was amazing, not too sweet but very flavourful -- I'm actually sort of drooling right now as I type this, omg.

beef tenderloin 
Is it weird that I'm a steak kind of girl but Bo isn't a steak kind of guy? It's a little embarrassing but I was actually the one who ordered the steak and he the pizza... I think even the waitress was a little confused when she showed up with both our plates LOL.

woodland pizza 

bailey's creme brulee 
I definitely recommend this place's desserts. This creme brulee was so yummy and creamy -- actually I could apply those same adjectives to Bo's cheesecake too, haha. You really can't go wrong with desserts that are "yummy and creamy".

chocolate caramel cheesecake 
Mmm, so decadent. I rarely order dessert when I eat out, so this time was really a special treat, literally. (:

If you're in the area and are interested in having your next fancy date at Atmosphere Cafe -- they also serve lunch, or just coffee (it's in the name), here's the details...
  • 24 Carden Street, Guelph, Ontario // 519.824.0430

This is my I'm-actually-freezing-but-don't-wanna-look-it face. I would probably make a terrible model.

(That's a little better, hehehe.)

After dinner, we decided to swing by the mall to walk around for a bit -- where Bo bought me my first Yankee Candle! I was so excited to light it. We were a little lost to do afterwards until we decided to cater to some domestic bliss on V-day and bake cookies! Bo actually drove to a grocery store, we bought all the ingredients, and then went home to bake! The cookies actually turned out somewhere in between the cookie and brownie zone, but that could be because Bo decided to cover the whole surface of the baking pan with dough to make one giant cookie...

Even my phone case matched my other-than-the-scarf-all-black-ensemble that night! The only exception was my Essie nail polish -- in Parka Perfect -- which I had had on beforehand. The polish was a Christmas gift from Bo, hehe. He really spoils me rotten. :3

These are my Valentine's gifts from Bo. Can I just take a moment to say, best Valentine's ever? Also, it wasn't a one-sided exchange. I gave him a tie as a V-day present, but I kept it small so I could go all out for his birthday next month... ;)

Got to take some shots with my roses later that night. Not only is Bo an amazing boyfriend, he is quite the photographer. I used to be so shy with him taking photos of me, but now he's the person I feel most comfortable with in front of the camera. He doesn't show up on my blog too much for this reason -- because he's always behind the camera.

Oh, also, I don't know if I need to clarify this, really, but I might as well do it now -- my boyfriend's name is Xiaobo, so I used to refer to him as X on the blog, but somewhere along the way I started calling him Bo here, because that's what I usually call him in person. (:

So, to Bo, thank you for the best Valentine's day I've ever had, and thank you for all your gifts -- they're so much more than just material objects. As cringe-worthy as this may sound, they show the lengths you're willing to go for me, and I'm always so thankful for you. Thank you for putting up with me, for loving me, and for making me a better 'me'. *muah* I love you!

And to you who are reading this, thank you! I hope you had a very happy Valentine's day -- (let me know how your day went in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!) Lastly, a big hug goes out to all my followers and readers! (:


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  1. You look lovely~ Love the outfit and the food looks so good :)

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  4. Hot apple cider with raspberry sounds amazing! xx


  5. cute post
    looks like you had a wonderful day


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